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In this course, we focus on exactly what you want to know, what you want to ask.

` For people who wants to enjoy home-roasting `
We provide a full support for customers interested in opening a home-roasting shop! Customized seminars for small number of participants.

Coffee mini seminar - Introduction of coffee
Basic knowledge on coffee, roasting and hand drip
Duration: About 120 minutes duration
Admission Fee: JPY 3.000

(Course is divided in 3 modules with varied and rich content)
Raw coffee bean is charged separately.
Choose 1 roaster from Ittaro 500g, Discovery 200g, Fujiroyal 1kg semi hot blast roaster, Fujiroyal 3kg semihot blast roaster.
Numerous variety of raw beans of specialty coffee are available in our seminar room. Choose one of your preference (carry on bean is allowed)
When contacting us for reservation, please inform us how many times you have attended the course

"Monthly Coffee Seminar" - For beginners and professionals

Once in a month, we invite respected professionals of coffee industry as instructors to lecture about roasting method and cupping.

Fuji Royal Coffee Roaster Rent (per hour)

We provide rental service of Fuji Royal Coffee roaster (rent-per-hour)!
If you are interested in roasting your own coffee bean using an authentic machine, or if you want to sell home-roasted coffee beans at a flea market or other event, you can rent our Fuji Royal Coffee roaster according to your purpose and style.
Roaster can be used by one person
If you want to know more about roasting, attend our "mini coffee seminar"

First time Rental fee JPY 3.000 for 60 minutes (JPY 500 extra per additional 30 minutes)
From the second time Rental fee JPY 2.000 for 60 minutes (JPY 500 extra per additional 30 minutes)

Available Coffee Roaster
Fuji Royal 3kg semi hot blast Roaster
Fuji Royal 1kg semi hot blast Roaster
Discovery 200g Coffee Roaster
Fuji Royal 500g Test-Roaster Ittaro
Additional Information
ESession about how to use a roaster
EDrip coffee tasting or cupping of roasted beans.
Include packaging set
Raw coffee beans will be charged separately.
Many specialty coffee are available in the seminar room.
You can choose the raw bean of your preference (Carry on beans allowed)

Roasters are available during our opening hours.
(Weekday 10:00 to 17:30 / Closed on Sundays and holidays (negotiable))

Contact us for seminar info, reservation of coffee roaster rent or any information required.
To make reservation for mini coffee seminar, inform us how many times you have attended it before.
TEL 06-6568-0440^E-mail
Contact Person: Fukushima or Shinoki

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