Roasting coffee beans

Roasting coffee Beans

I always ask to everyone who join my coffee seminar,
"What is the benefit of home-roasting?"
The answer is always something like "well...".
Although I meet many people, like those who are planning to enter the coffee field,
those who want to roast coffee as a hobby, they feel very hard to come up with an answer.
I say "Oh, please, give me a simple answer, just tell me what you are thinking",  they all reply "We want to try".

Benefits of home-roasting
The benefit of home-roasting, from the work perspective and hobby perspective is
that you are able to "roast it according to your preference ".
The taste of a coffee can completely change if the time or degree of roasting differs.
However, when you reach to the ideal coffee, you really feel satisfied! It's so rewarding!
For those who work with coffee, home-roasting can reduce the cost of purchased coffee bean.
In other words, you can have a high quality coffee at a lower cost than purchasing roasted beans from a specialized shop.
Roasting has been a mysterious world until now.
It can be seem as a very complicated field to enter, but once you go ahead with it, a fun world of coffee is waiting for you!
Drink the coffee that you have roasted by your own, that simple thing is the biggest advantage of home-roasting.
Once you start the home-roasting,
you will definitely want to study and know more about coffee.

Drinking the coffee extracted from the same beans, but roasted in different degrees is very common, "wash the raw beans with water" or "brew more 5 rotation" when parched up. The method of stopping the roasting in the middle, and repeat it again is called "Double roasting".
In the old days, that method was a secret which was not easily revealed.
To roast coffee beans, 『DISCOVERY』 reveals that in a little, let's discover together your own roasting style!

Picture of Coffee Roaster Fuji Royal 3kg

Picture of Test-Roaster Itttaro Roaster

Roasting Coffee can be resumed in two elements: alteration of temperature and time

In the above graph, "A", "B" and "C" curve represent respectively "short-time roasting", "standard roasting", "long-time roasting"

◇A:short-time roasting
E.g.:gas pressure set to 1.5 kpa in 15 minutes.
When raw beans in the machine, lowest temperature should be set as 100℃ and
parch it at once. Increase the temperature from 10 to 12 ℃ in one minute.

◆taste trends
The characteristic of the coffee bean in terms of sourness,bitterness,sweetness
more evident but the change of the flavor and taste over time is faster than
standard roast of same L value

◇B:Standard Roasting
Pre-heating time can be shorter than the A roasting
Lowest temperature should be set to around 100℃ and roasted over medium heat.

◆taste trends
Standard and long-time roasting coffee results to a mild and tender taste.

◇C:long-time roasting
Set the minimum temperature to around 90℃, and slowly take out the humidity of the raw beans.

◆ taste trends
Standard and long-time roasting coffee results to a mild and tender taste.

The coffee bean that we obtain wide variety, such as size of the grain of the raw coffee bean, and the hardness of the raw beans may vary depending on when the beans were harvested, and according to that you must change the roasting way.
For a proper roasting, first thing to know is the taste of coffee, and understand the right and wrong of the roasting methods.

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