Have a cup of coffee

what's cupping?

Cupping is the process of comprehensively evaluate a good or bad quality coffee, objectively, just like when you choose a wine through the tasting notes, basing your judgment on its sweetness and acidity, bitter taste, the smell and taste of aftertaste that follows.
Cupping is actually done in the coffee-producing countries, and it is the method that the flavor of the coffee can be transmitted more directly When we buy the raw coffee bean, we do the cupping and decide for the purchase.

Cupping Method
Here, we will introduce the way of cupping.
i1jPrepare the tools.
E3 cups of 10g of coffee bean each
(Provide coffee bean of roast degree before the second crack.. Ground the coffee using the FUJIROYAL coffee mill, gMirukkoh, setting the dial to E)

E3 cup of glasses or recipient of the same size
EHot boiled water(150cc)x3
ECupping spoon
(In case you don't have it, you can substitute it with a soup spoon)
EA cup to rinse the spoon
(Wash the spoon every time you use it in order to avoid to mixing the coffees. We will scoop three cups of coffee with the same spoon.)
EA cup for skim off the scum and spit out.
(In gCuppingh, after taking a sip of the coffee and feel its flavor, you need to spit out in the cup )
why is it necessary to have three cups for the same coffee?

If you do gCuppingh with only one cup, it may happen that this cup coincidentally may contains a defect bean, and the coffee will be excluded without being scored. So, in order to evaluate it more accurately during the gCuppingh, we prepare three cups for one type of coffee.

So let's start Cupping!

i2jSmell the coffee powder in the cup.
(We can have two patterns, one as "dry" in powder state, and the other as "crust" with hot water poured on it)

First feel the fragrance of "dry".
Cover the top of the glass with your hand, and shake it. You will be able to feel better the aroma.

i3jPour 100cc of hot water into each cup, and wait three minutes.

In the meantime, smell the fragrance of the "crust". Approach your nose, and inhale the aroma slowly.

i4jAfter 3 minutes, with the cupping spoon, divide the surface of the coffee in the cup.

To feel the aroma of coffee, keep your nose closer to the cup and slowly insert the cupping spoon to the cup until it arrives to the bottom of the glass, and then slowly move the spoon as if you were drawing three circles, to mix the layers formed in the cup.

i5jSkim off any scum of the top and remove the floating beans using the cupping spoon .

(Remove any floating bean, otherwise you may choke when inhaling into your mouth)

i6jWith the cupping spoon, lightly scoop the liquid, drag on strongly in a way to spray coffee all over your tongue. Check the sweetness, acidity, bitterness, aftertaste, smoothness, richness, and balance of quality and flavor consistency.

Put the cupping spoon at the lower front tooth, slightly down, and swallow it vigorously
You will hear a whistling sound.

i7jWe will check the change of the taste of the coffee during the cooling stage.
As the coffee is cooled down, the characteristics of its taste comes out more clearly.

To understand the taste of coffee, to be able to swallow it properly, you need to practice doing gCuppingh,learn the many types of flavor, and get used to it.

Expression to describe a coffee
The expression we use to describe the flavor of a coffee is similar to the words used for wine, as you can see in the following examples.

Scent of spice, herb, nut, flower, caramel, vanilla, wine, fruit, grass, dried-up, not maturate, soil, fermented, burned, smoke-like

Smooth, calm, bright, fresh, soft, sweet, fruity, like apple, such as lemon, orange-like, like a peach, like a mango, yogurt like, rough, stimulating, like vinegar

Oily, like butter, cream-like, such as oil, fine-grained, smooth, rich, silky, velvet-like, watery, light

Long-lasting, booming, mellow, fresh, sweet, disappear fast, bitter aftertaste

Clean, no stain, transparent, murky

By repeating the cupping, you will learn how to express it better, and will meet different smell and taste, try it!

Cup of Excellence(COEj
Cupping is done in international championship like Cup of Excellence(COE), held to decide the Specialty Coffee, judged by domestic and international jury.
Most of the people doesn't like the acidity of coffee, but it is a very important element to be evaluated. The sweetness found in the acidity is a high point in the evaluation.