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what's Specialty Coffee?

The standards of the coffee on the market is generally based on the export standards of each country. It was not exactly based on the size of coffee bean, nor the height of the altitude of the plantation (to identify the production region and farm), nor based on the taste and aroma of it.

In this kind of scenario, it emerged a movement seeking for a "high-quality coffee with good flavor", which resulted on the implementation of a new criteria to evaluate the taste and aroma through coffee tasting, Cupping, just like wine. This technique made possible to determine more specifically the different characteristics of coffee according to the production region and farms. According to the cupping evaluation, the coffee that scored more than 80 points is considered "specialty coffee".

In the specialty coffee, you can know in details the production process, see the name and faces of the farmer of this coffee .

Cup of ExcellenceiCOEj
In 1999, the world's first championship of coffee named Cup of Excellence (COE) took place in Brazil, and now it has been held in nine countries.

The coffee which scored more than 84 points in the Cup of Excellence (COE) is ranked as top of the top specialty coffee and it is internationally auctioned through Internet.

The nominated producer receives the honorable title of Cup of Excellence (COE), which means that his coffee is recognized for the quality of the bean, quality of the plantation and production. It means that the producer gets a very high reputation for his work. The purpose of this championship, is to motivate the producers to continue improving and to surprise us with a exceptional coffee.