There are many extraction tools in the market, starting from a paper drip, flannel drip, siphon coffee, coffee press and so on. DISCOVERY offers basically paper drip coffee to our customers. In order to use the conical drip brewer of KONO type produced by Siphon Coffee Ltd. located in Tokyo, for the extraction method we did some little arrangement. Why do we use the conical drip brewer of KONO Type? The conical drip brewer KONO Type let us extract a concentrated coffee. They also offer attractive design with many types of color variation and wood texture. But first, you will need some practice to do the extraction. Pour down the hot water from the tip of the mouth of the drip pot, drop by drop (It requires some training). DISCOVERY does basically the extraction of one serving each, and to serve our customers in a short time as possible, DISCOVERY has adopted a particular way of how to pour the hot water and the necessary quantity of coffee beans. So here, we will introduce the DISCOVERY drip formula!

DISCOVERY conical paper drip method (1 servings)

Basic posture to drip
Hold the pot with one hand while supporting with the other, take a good distance between the extraction tool and you, and slowly start dripping it.

DISCOVERY Staff, Nakamura

Tools to prepare
20g of coffee bean
Mirukko(normal mill type), set to dial E to ground.

To get two servings, you will need 30g of coffee bean (You do not need to multiply the coffee bean gram to the number of servings!) There is what we call the best balance, based on the quantity of water and coffee, time that the coffee powder is in contact to the hot water, coffee ground size. In the beginning, we recommend you to use a measure spoon to check the quantity necessary equivalent to the servings. Try different ground size while adjusting the taste of your preference.

KONO drip brewer (1 to 2 servings)
KONO glass pot (1 to 2 servings)
KONO paper (1 to 2 servings)
KONO customized YUKIWA 0.7 pot
This pot's mouth is designed in a way to make the hot water come out drop by drop.
Hot water
The extraction time takes around 2 minutes 30 seconds to be completed.

@Fold the paper
(Fold the edge of the paper to fit to the size of the drip brewer.
The tip of the cone should be sharpened to make the extraction come down easily)

@ Set the paper to the drip brewer, and accommodate the ground coffee beans uniformly in the Mirukko.

A Put the boiling water into the pot, transfer the hot water to the glass pot. By doing that we are going to warm the glass and at the same type lower the temperature. Meanwhile, warm the coffee cup and the spoon. The ideal temperature is around 86`90.
Return the hot water to the pot, and practice how to drip the hot water from the tip of the pot in the silver cup where you put the ground coffee.

BDrip it slowly in the center of coffee. After a while, the paper will start getting wet, and the extraction will fall into the pot.
Getting a concentrated extraction is the first big step to get a tasty coffee!

DOnce the extraction fills the surface of the bottom of the glass pot, gradually increase the amount of the hot water, and pour it in small circular movements. You will see a flaky white spume coming up, wait the spume to come down and add more hot water. Do it water repeatedly.

EIn the glass pot, the extraction should fill 3/4 of 1 serving scale, pour the hot water at once being careful to not let the white spume (scum) drop into the glass pot.

FOnce filling the scale for the first serving with the extraction, remove the glass pot from the drip brewer with the remaining hot water.

Gstir up the glass pot in order to equalize the concentration of coffee. Check the flavor and pour it slowly into the warmed cup.

Note: Be very careful to not let the scum (including residues) get mixed to the coffee, otherwise it will cut the flavor.

We advice you to practice the drip to improve.
You will be able to find out the points of how to make a coffee of your preference, or to prepare different coffees according to the person you are going to serve! or do some arrangements by your own. This is how we want you to enjoy time with coffee.